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Craving the amazing and appetizing foods of Lebanon and the Mediterranean? Then Tannourine Lebanese & Mediterranean Cuisine is the place you've been looking for. With a bounty of delicious options, Tannourine is able to satisfy every taste. For those in the mood for a great lamb dish or maybe a succulent poultry option, the kitchen here will never disappoint. These preferred ingredients are crafted into numerous offerings that will leave you sated and already planning a return trip. Fresh fish and seafood also showcase the kitchen's talent, tempting patrons with exciting specialties and classic preparations. You'll find plenty of grilled items here too, as well as those appetizing delights that are baked or sauteed in olive oil, all focused on providing you with mouthwatering foods that can be just as healthy as they are satisfying. While you won't find a lot of foods drenched in sauces when you're dealing with this sort of cuisine, you will discover that Tannourine puts the focus on the use of herbs, spices, and especially the freshness of ingredients to create savory dishes you won't soon forget. The meals are full of robust earthy flavors, governed by seasonal changes that ensure here's always something new and exciting to try. Whether it's lunch or dinner that draws you here, the family friendly service, unmatched culinary creations, and promise of exotic dishes will have you coming back for more. N/A Jun 11, 2024 Citi
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